Fitaş Opening Gala, 1965

Atıf Kaptan Fitaş Dünya Box Office, 1965

Fitaş 1969

Dr. Jivago 1969 Box Office Top Performer, 1969

First AFM Cinemas, Istanbul; 1995

AFM Film Studios, First sound stages in Turkey, 1980 Ayazağa – Istanbul

Yor, The first international co production
film that was sold to Colombia Pictures. 1982

Innovation award winning luxury Cinemas, Maya Uptown,
with separate language option at the same cinema, 1998

Maya Uptown; 1998

AFM Cinemas, Profilo AVM, Istanbul; 2005

AFM Cinemas, İstinye Park; 2009

Sedative Hotel; Bodrum; 2010

Bowlroom Bowling Chain, Istanbul; 2013

First National Esports Cafe Chain